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About us

           Shanghai Junqin Electrical Technology Co., Ltd. specialize in producing solar panel mounting bracket with old history., We provide the professional rooftop bracket that used most widely (pitch rooftop, flat rooftop), and ground-fixed system(solar panel bracket). The brackets and components are suitable for any size solar panels /module and solar power generation systems.

          Considering the environment of Solar photovoltaic power generation system, at the beginning of design, we fully took into account the raw material and process optimization: make full use of the essential characteristics of aluminum alloy and surface treatment processes ,not only ensure the support intensity of bracket system, but also reduce the weight of the bracket itself, and reduce pressure on the surface of rooftop, while the unique surface treatment process of the brackets and components ( aluminum anode oxide, thick hot dip galvanized carbon steel, anti-UV technology) can guarantee that it does not rust in the harsh external environment anti-aging; its service lifetime is up to 25 years or more, its anti - Wind intensity can reach 50 m / s. 

         It is simple and convenient for the installation of solar panel bracket. whether it is the roof top system, or in the ground-fixed system, you don’t need any welding, cutting working, etc., just need some fastening tools, such as wrench, screwdriver ,and Allen key . All these will greatly facilitate the customer's installation and use, and reduce the installation costs.

         We can provide the most design and best assembly programs according to the size and the number of customer's solar panels and components, thus facilitating the customer's installation and use, but also can reduce some costs; our factories have got the ISO9001 certificate, it can ensure that all products comply with the relevant design requirements and quality standard, also ensure the function and lifetime of the bracket system; relying on Shanghai convenient, efficient logistics and distribution system, we can deliver the goods to customers timely,
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