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1  Frequently Asked Questions



1. Price

Price is based on the battery board size and stent series classification accounting. Please refer to offer a specific list of

2. Materials and specifications, process

Each stent system include both anodized aluminum alloy, there are hot-galvanized steel and stainless steel components.

3. Installation Problems

As a whole the system to use more briquetting fasteners, bolts and other fastening connection, the installation process does not require welding, no drilling. Easy installation, fast.

4. Angle is adjustable

SM100 point of view is not adjustable, SM200,, SM300, SM400 angle adjustable.

5. Wind

Resistant to 50m / s. The wind speed

6. Maintenance and repair

Product Life: 25 years, the former 10-year free maintenance.

7. Solar panels placed, the number of

   According to customer requirements to design, can be placed horizontally or stacked vertically.

8. Delivery

Is generally 2 to 4 weeks. Specific delivery orders must be in accordance and workshop production arrangements to decide.






2packaging, logistics


  Relying on Shanghai-class logistics and distribution system that the product on time, fast delivery from the production plant to the customer designated location. On the production side: the use of improved plant production management system, from raw materials to finished goods tracking management, guarantee the product quality and delivery: a certain amount of inventory management to meet customer's immediate needs; using standard packaging materials and packaging methods, reduce the shipping space, convenient transportation, transportation cost savings for customers, but also facilitate the clients to identify product type.

Export to Hong Kong:Shanghai, China






   In good faith, long-term cooperation and the principle of mutual benefits, we are willing to work with the common development of all of our customers:

    Order confirmation 50% advance payment, the balance 50% payment before shipment.


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